Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

We are looking for feedback where we can improve your overall experience.

Please could you answer the following questions in regards to what we can do better as a company?

1. Customer Service - How would you rate the competency of our Customer Service team? (i.e. are they helpful, display the right attitude, skilled and competent?)
3. Pricing - Is it accurate and comprehensive when you call to place an order? (i.e. Is it comprehensive and in line with the price field agreed with your sales person?)
5. Delivery Service - How would you rate our delivery service? - (i.e delivered on time, correctly labelled and clean, correct paperwork, drivers courteous and helpful)
2. How would you rate our ability to resolve your queries effectively? (i.e on returns, warranty adjudication, incorrect deliveries and pricing overcharges)
4. Technical Support - How would you rate our technical knowledge when you call with a technical query? – (i.e. fitment, specifications, cross referencing a competitor product)

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